1. Increase Your Kerb Appeal

An appealing property can help generate further interest into what your property has to offer. Simple measures like cleaning the front porch, adding some striking pot plants, or giving the front door a fresh coat of paint can help increase your kerb appeal.

2. Remove Any Clutter

Removing everyday items can help provide clean and spacious areas that prospective buyers can envision living in. Consider removing personal items like family photos during inspections to help the buyer mentally ‘move in’.

3. Make Your Kitchen & Bathroom Shine

Minor repairs or cosmetic changes can help transform a space into an inviting, modern living area. Painting old cabinets, updating doorknobs or cupboard handles and adding fresh towels, candles or flowers can help freshen up your kitchen or bathroom.

4. Let in the Light

Natural light can help make the home feel bright and spacious. Make sure to open all your curtains and blinds, wash your windows and prune back any plants that might block out the light ahead of any inspections.

5.  Don’t Forget Outside

Outdoor living is popular for many Australians. Sprucing up your outdoor areas by mending fences, weeding the garden, and adding a couple of extra plants can help entice prospective buyers.


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