About 13kms from the city, half an hour or so on the M1 …. and now a bustling hub of cool cafes and shops. It could be worth a look if you’re a first time home buyer or a property investor looking for value – the median house price is $1.5m and the median unit price of $812,500.

Despite all the talk about whether or not Sydney is still a viable investment opportunity, you just need to decide what you want to gain from your property investment, and then do some homework. The World Economic Forum says that in the next 40 years, Sydney’s population will double.

These people are going to need somewhere to live, and with buying out of the question for many people, in fact, with the next generation of Millennials facing a future of long-term (if not permanent) renting there will always be a need for rental properties. Of course, if you’re investing in Sydney you do need to consider that entry prices will be higher – this needs to be weighed against the costs involved and whether or not the rental yields and the capital growth over time will give you the returns you want.

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